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303® High Tech Fabric Guard - A wet-weather friend

303® High Tech Fabric Guard is an extremely effective, long-lasting fabric protector that makes winter a lot more pleasant. Here are some uses: 

Overcoats / hats: During the colder months, millions of us wear our overcoats and hats almost every day. And what does this mean? Frequent visits to the cleaners, of course. A 303® Fabric Guard treated overcoat is extremely resistant to soiling and stains. Treat your overcoat and hat with 303® High Tech Fabric Guard and see your friendly cleaners every two or three months instead of every other week.

Rain Gear: Breathable, water-repellent fabrics are used in today's premium quality rain gear. The key to this modern fabric is a specialized membrane which allows water vapor out while keeping rain from penetrating in. This membrane is always covered by a textile, usually nylon, chemically treated at the fabric mill to repel water. After a time, though, this repellent coating wears away and that's when the textile starts to get wet & heavy when it rains. To restore lost repellency to this outside layer, treat it with the right type of fabric protector. Unfortunately, a number of `water repellent' products contain silicones or waxes which, while restoring water repellency temporarily, do so in a way that a) does not maintain the fabric's breathability and b) usually causes the treated fabric to soil more readily and become much more difficult to clean when soiled. You should also know that these silicone and wax-type repellents are specifically recommended against by the manufacturer of the fabric and the garment maker.

303® High Tech Fabric Guard restores enduring water repellency and resists soiling and stains. Always clean the fabric thoroughly and allow it to dry (or dry clean) before treating. Fabric protector products must be used in warm conditions, too, to get a good job.  And warm temperatures, above 70°.  So find an appropriate warm area and follow all label directions and cautions and you’ll get a good job.

Hint – Rinsing:  When laundering a textile, run it through two rinse cycles.  This removes all the detergent residue. Allow garment to dry before thoroughly before treating. 

Hint – Treating:  After the treated fabric has air-dried completely, one can pass warm air from a hair dryer over the garment to accentuate bonding and curing and, therefore, performance.