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Protecting Billiard and Pool Tables

303® High Tech Fabric Guard for Pool Tables and  Billiard Tables

In any pool parlor, having drinks at or setting beverage containers on a pool table is a big no-no.  Why, because a spill of almost any liquid on billiard cloth causes an immediate, permanent stain.

You can protect the cloth on your pool table from stains by treating it with 303® High Tech Fabric Guard.  A 16oz. bottle will treat up to a 5 x 10 snooker table.  The treated cloth will resist stains for up to 2 years.  And the application of 303® HTFG does not affect table play (the way the balls roll & react) at all.

Treat new cloth right after it's installed.  Or, if applying to cloth that has already been used, use a damp cloth to wipe as much dust and soiling away first. Then apply 303® HTFG.  Spray on.  Let dry overnight at room temperature.