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303® Aerospace Protectant™ for Power Cords

Thanks to Mr. Kevin Kelley who emailed us this helpful Tech Tip!

"You might have run into this one before, but I recently tried 303 (Aerospace Protectant) on the power cords of my portable power tools and extension cords.

All these cords are susceptible to abrasion from being dragged across both concrete in the shop and dirt surfaces outside.

I found 303 cleaned and restored these cords and left a smooth surface on the plastic cord exterior. " Kevin Kelly

Note: The outside covering on outdoor power cords is usually a solid vinyl, most commonly black or orange. RV's and boats connect to their spots in the RV park or dock. In addition to abrasion and soiling, outdoor power cords are vulnerable to UV damage. After a single season a new cord can be filthy and several shades lighter. Treating these cords regularly with 303® Aerospace Protectant™ keeps the cord clean and protects against UV caused slow-fade as well.