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Protecting Outdoor Flags and Banners

I have some colorful and expensive fabric flags is there something I can do to help protect against fading?

Yes there is! 
The Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI) reports that 23.0 million yards of banner and flag fabrics were shipped in North America in 1998 and 24.9 million yards forecasted for 1999!  With flags and banners becoming more and more popular at home, and used almost entirely outdoors, keeping the fabric strong and colors bright has become a real problem. 
Manufacturers claim their flags last up to a year normally this is at the far end of what realistically can be expected fading is usually noticeable after only 30-45 days.  303® products can really help here.

Nylon & Polyester:  Fading can be delayed almost indefinitely.  Apply 303® Aerospace Protectant™ to the new nylon or polyester flag.  Spray on/wipe dry.  By reapplying every 30 days of EXPOSURE, fading and deterioration can be reduced 90% or more.

Cotton and Cotton blends:  Apply 303® High Tech Fabric Guard when new.  Spray on/let dry.  This one treatment can last up to a year and reduce UV caused slow fade 30%-70%. 

In all instances it's best to minimize exposure to sunlight.  Unless you want to fly your flags all day long every day, don't.   It also suggested to take serviceable  flags down for the winter, cleaning them before storage and retreating them before putting them out again in the spring.