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Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning Heavily Soiled Carpets with 303® Cleaners
As the CEO/president of 303® Products Inc.,  I personally wanted to get a first hand look and feel for using 303® Fabric Cleaner in an extracting machine. I must admit I am truly amazed how well the 303® Fabric Cleaner worked. And you will be too.

Here was my process:

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303®'s Corporate Office UPS Shipping room was last cleaned over 8 years ago.  Although only an auxiliary to our large-scale shipping operations, the shipping area is high foot traffic with more than 50 pallets of UPS shipments going out every month in case lot form. Dirt, grime, grease and spills are tracked into the carpet causing some industrial strength stains.

I added 1.5 oz of 303® Fabric Cleaner per tank of warm water in a Hoover Steam Vac. The dispensing tank is about 1 gallon. And a total of 8 tanks were used to complete this extreme example. The 8'x20' carpet area shown here used a total of 12oz. of 303® Fabric Cleaner.

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Click for Larger VersionAs you can see from the photo, the water in the holding tank was black in color each time it was vacuumed back up.

Click for Larger VersionWhen finished with cleaning solution, several tanks of warm water were used as the final rinse. The rinse water was almost as black as those with the cleaner. This indicates that the 303® cleaning agent that remained was still actively cleaning.

  After the rug had dried and was vacuumed, we found the original color and brightness had returned. It was "like-new" again.

It must be noted that there was no pre-treating of the carpet before we began the extractor process.

You would never let your household carpet get this dirty. But, if it did, you could be confident that any of 303®'s Cleaners would get it back to "like-new" again: Done to perfection.

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