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Antique Doll Collections

303® High Tech Fabric Guard on Antique Doll Clothing

Here's one of the thousands of uses for 303® High Tech Fabric Guard:

One 303® customer is a collector of dolls who owns over $100,000 dollars of antique dolls. These rare dolls have porcelain faces and clothing made of velvet, brocade, silk, satin and lace.

The dolls are protected in large mahogany & glass cases on stands - but the fabrics still got dusty and were beginning to fade.

The collector's niece sent a bottle of 303® High Tech Fabric Guard.  The dolls' clothing was carefully washed and then treated.

The collector was amazed to find that Fabric Guard could be used all of the colorfast fabrics; that the treated fabrics repelled dust, resisted soiling & stains; and that 303® HTFG reduced the fading.  303® High Tech Fabric Guard - The protective power of the leading industrial strength fabric protector, yet safe for the most delicate fabrics.