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KOKATAT Recommends 303® for Wet/Dry Suits

Kayaks and Canoes

 KOKATAT "into the water"

Kokatat, located in the coastal town of Arcata, California, about 300 miles north of the Golden 
Gate, is near some of the best water in North America.  This is appropriate for this friendly group of outdoor enthusiasts who design, test and manufacture very high quality water sportswear sold around the world.  Kokatat is Native American for "into the water"...and that's what Kokatat likes to do - get people into the water.

In 1981 Kokatat introduced the first paddling jacket made with GORE-TEX® Fabric, the Kokatat "Wildwater Jacket". Then in 1988 W.L. Gore & Associates asked Kokatat to develop, test and manufacture the first GORE-TEX® Drysuit which first shipped in 1990.  In 1991 Kokatat shipped the first Drytop made with Gore-Tex® Fabric, and in 1992 Kokatat developed Immersion Technology® for W. L. Gore & Associates.

Kokatat is sold to boaters from Hong Kong to Argentina, Europe to New Zealand.  Kokatat gear finds its way into the search and rescue wardrobes of sheriff's offices and fire departments.  Kokatat supports and is the choice of expert and recreational boaters who want the best.

Kokatat is linked to 303®'s website and has been a recommending-manufacturer and customer for 303® Aerospace Protectant™ for almost 10 years. The use ... protecting and preserving the latex gaskets used in Kokatat clothing.  From their site:

Latex Gaskets:
"The Gaskets are made of natural latex and are therefore susceptible to most elements in the natural environment.  Rinse them with fresh water after each use.  Apply 303® Aerospace Protectant™ regularly during the season and every 4-6 weeks when in storage.

"Excessive heat, dryness or humidity as well as sunscreen lotions and insect repellents can cause rot so rinsing them and applying 303® protectant serve as good proactive measures against gasket deterioration".

To learn more about this interesting company and top quality product line visit Kokatat's website: