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Restoring Lustre to Stained, Aged Wood

303 Aerospace Protectant's unique formula can safely be used on furniture, including aged, stained furniture in need of a reconditioning.

"Over Christmas I decided I'd take a lesson from your article about teak decks and apply 303 Aerospace Protectant to my mother's dining room table.  Over the years it had ben polished with things like teak oil and Pledge and other such spray on polishes and it has gradually turned dark and sticky!
Where something had been spilled on it were various marks and stains, any attempt to try and remove a mark had just left an unsightly light patch.  I sprayed on a bit of 303 Aerospace )Protectant and worked it in with a good microfibre cloth and polished in straight lines with the grain.

The results were amazing!  The 303 took off all the old polish and wax and left the surface glowing with colour and smooth to the touch.  It took about an hour to gently remove all the old grime and dirt  but as you can see the finished result was just like a new table.  Not only is the vitality of the wood rejuvenated  but the table will no doubt be protected  from UV fade as well.
Just another success story for 303"
Mike in the UK