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Restoring Gelcoat Fiberglass

SUBJECT:  Gelcoat Fiberglass Application 

There are two great methods of using 303 Aerospace Protectant to bring back a like-original color and gloss to oxidized gelcoat fiberglass:

Method 1).
Spray 303 Aerospace Protectant on the surface liberally, rub it around with your hand or a thoroughly saturated sponge or cloth to assure the gelcoat is thoroughly wetted with 303.  After a couple of hours if any portion of the surface is dull, apply more 303 to that portion.  Let soak in for 12-24 hours.  The entire surface will look like new, but to complete the job all the unabsorbed 303 must be wiped away.  This is easily done with a clean towel and bucket of clean water.  Soak the towel in the water, wring out most of the water and wipe down the gelcoat.  If it is a large area, you will have to rinse out the towel periodically.

As you do this to the entire area a section at a time, you'll have to follow the wetting and wiping with the wet towel by drying with a dry towel. So the procedure is, wipe an section with the wet towel, then wipe it completely dry with the dry towel. Turn the drying-towel over to a dry area to finish the drying. You can't completely finish an area with a damp towel, you must finish the drying with a dry towel.
Hint: Extra enthusiasm in drying with the dry towel makes the finish MORE resist soiling and staining. And it makes the treated area LAST LONGER.

Old towels are excellent for this purpose, but any large, absorbent, non-abrasive clean material can be used. Afterward, launder and dry the towels for reuse.

Method 2).
Wash the surface to remove surface dirt & grit.  Then use a variable speed power buffer (set not to exceed 1800 rpm) with a synthetic wool pad(or equivalent).  Spray 303 on the surface, spread with the buffer on low, then increase the Rpm's & buff in until dry.  Professionals utilizing this method achieve a labor savings of at least 80% compared to standard buffing & waxing, while producing a more lustrous and beautiful, longer lasting finish. 
Note:  In some cases, pre-buffing may be required.  Be sure to use a buffing compound which leaves no wax or polymer finish.

Once properly applied, 303-treated gelcoat repels dust, dirt and moisture, stays cleaner longer and cleans up easier when finally soiled.

To prevent the reoccurrence of both UV fading and oxidation, periodically reapply 303 Aerospace Protectant (spray on/wipe dry).  This will provide continuing UV protection and keep the gelcoat surface like new.