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Protecting Teak Wood in Marine Environments

The use of 303 Aerospace Protectant? on teak is not a "factory recommended" application, although, theoretically, there's no reason why it shouldn't work as described by this writer.  As of this time, further investigation of the use of 303 Protectant on teak is in process.

For 303's Boating customers: This below is passed on for what may be worth.  If you have personal experience with the use of 303 A. Protectant on teak that you'll like to share, please email: 

Russ P. cleans and oils his teak once a year then uses 303 Aerospace Protectant through the season.  Here's what he says:


"Good afternoon,

 303 Aerospace Protectant is awesome!  I use your product to preserve the teak wood on my boat.  Teak fades and becomes a dull gray through exposure. By using your product my teak decks stay a golden brown. 

I only clean and oil my teak ONCE a year.  This is important because every time you clean teak you raise the grain and cause roughness.  Roughness means sanding.
Sanding means I'm wearing down my teak, but that isn't the best part. 

The best thing about using 303 is that I do not have to be careful about staining other surfaces.  When you use teak oil or linseed oil you have to assure that you don't get it onto the fiberglass or vinyl.  This usually means a lot of taping of surrounding areas.  With 303, I just use a paint brush and wipe it onto everything and know that I'm helping the surrounding surfaces, not staining them. 

303 saves me hours of work and I don't have to keep everyone off of the boat so that they don't get teak oil stains." 
Russ P.,  New York, NY.

April-19-2005 - Excerpt from 303's reply:

"Russ, thank you very much for the email, information and kind comments. Quick question.  For how many seasons have you had this result?"

April-19-2005  Excerpt from Russ's reply:

"I used the product extensively, every 2-3 weeks, when I was captain of a 48' Viking from '87 through '91.  That vessel had an extensive amount of teak and was always maintained in Rolls Royce condition because it had a paid crew.  We had an unlimited budget and used 303 because it is the best thing out there."
Russ P., New York, NY

Then Russ went on to say that how he's used this product to maintain his own boats since then. And that he has a new 38' on order to be delivered in May, the entire deck of which will be teak, and that he certainly will be using 303 A. Protectant to maintain that and the other relevant surfaces.