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What does 303® do for leather

Finished Leather
303® Aerospace Protectant™ works on Finished Leather.  "Finished Leather" is dyed the desired color and finished so it does not readily absorb water or other liquids.  Auto upholstery and furniture are almost always finished leather.  Absorbent leathers include deerskin, suede and chamois.  If a drop of rain soaks in and makes a dark spot, it's absorbent leather and 303® Protectant is NOT for absorbent leather!

303® Aerospace Protectant™ softens hardening leather and leaves a natural, lustrous, repellent, non-oily finish.  Similar to vinyl, finished leather is degraded by sweat, body oils, suntan and other oils & lotions.  (Two extreme examples of this are tack (horse leathers) and exercise equipment.  Before there was vinyl, the leather on exercise equipment was quickly destroyed by sweat and body oils.  Now, sweat and body oils cause the vinyl to prematurely fail.)

303®'s super-repellent finish is crucial when it comes to finished leather.  Besides protecting against sweat, body oils and lotions, 303®'d leather is almost impervious to water & oil based staining agents. 

The major benefit is UV screening.  303® is the most powerful UV screening formulation is very effective on the dyes used in finished leather.

Unfinished leather:
To protect unfinished leathers including suede, deerskin and unfinished dyed leathers, use 303® High Tech Fabric Guard.  Use on new or newly cleaned leather.  Spray on/let dry.  Creates and maintains water repellency, resists soiling and helps protect against stains.

303® High Tech Fabric Guard does not change the leather's appearance after it has dried.  303® HTFG can be used on all natural leathers, including finished leather, but unlike 303® Aerospace Protectant™, 303® HTFG does not improve the color or gloss of finished looks the same after treatment.  For hiking boots and other outdoor footwear, 303® High Tech Fabric Guard is the only choice for best water repellency.