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Kite Flying

Kite Flying  


"Go Fly a Kite"  A VERY BIG KITE - and How 303® Can Make it a lot easier.

Kite FlyingBarry Ogletree, his wife, Karen, their family and friends have a passion for flying kites. Really big kites.  The family hails from Texas but travel around the world to congregate with thousands of other kite enthusiasts, known as "KiteHeads" at "Flys" - kite flying festivals that draw millions of spectators and participants each year.  They have been flying kites of all sizes and in all conditions for more than 28 years.

"Flying these Big Boys is our Hobby. We will go just about anywhere, if we determine that the people, charity,
civic group, etc. will benefit from our flying. We don't accept
compensation of any kind. We do this for love of kites and special people. When we retired, we asked ourselves, What can we do to make a change, and help  people. 

Our Kite Hobby, fit hand in glove with our desire to help deserving groups like Deaf Children (Sertoma) at Waco, Texas, "Friends of the Parks", and "Audrey's Day at the Beach" to name a few. We also fly at the huge "Zilker Park Kite Fest" in Austin, for benefit of the Foreign Exchange Club.

In those  years the industry and technology has grown  exponentially.  Giant kites are now not uncommon flying at these flys.  From parafoils to incredible flying sculptures of octopus, squids, insects even people now swarm with the more traditional diamond shaped and oriental style dragon kites.

The Ogletree's personal website, "What A Kite" is a testament to their devotion to the sport. With a gallery that includes hundreds of photos of their magnificent kites in action, as well as an intimate look at the fun and camaraderie that these groups share. There are photos of a 120 Ft. Flying Squid named Squiggy, and a 120 ft. Giant Octopus Kit named Wiggy, the Giant 40-60 ft. Fish Kites named - Eenie, Meenie, and 40 ft. Neptune and Mermaid kites - simply amazing !

The Ogletrees, and in fact many Big Kite Enthusiasts, have discovered the benefits of using 303® Aerospace Protectant™ on their kites and gear.

Unique Kites"The reason we started using 303® Aerospace Protectant™ was unusual. A lot of the places  we fly, are beach areas from South America, Mexico, US and Canada.  If you go to these beaches, and look at them closely, you will see both soft, loose sand and packed sand." Observed Ogletree.   "All experienced kiters know to not get your kite on to loose sand, as it will stick all over the

Even a day of flying will not get it off of the ripstop nylon.  As the kites are taken down the sand then gets everywhere." He continued.  This not only can damage the nylon, but makes the kites heavier, more difficult to transport safely and the sand continues to fall off everywhere the kite goes.

The Ogletrees had heard of the benefits of 303® Aerospace Protectant™ on nylon especially ripstop nylon - that protects the nylon from UV damage and increases longevity of the material. So they tried ita few of their kites.

Mermaid Neptune Kite"We immediately noticed that no sand stuck to the 303® treated kites! Thats all it took for us. Before the 303®, we would have to spend hours and hours shaking, brushing and washing sand off of the kites. Now, nothing is there to remove, because sand simply does not stick. It makes our lives a lot easier." Continued the loyal 303® user.

In addition to the sand situation, the Ogletrees recognize that the UV protection is outstanding.  "The florescent colors of ripstop nylon are notorious for fading, especially florescent orange. I have a giant Flo Orange, Nemo fish, that was treated over two years ago, that still looks brand new." Left untreated, Ogletree is certain that this kite would be severely faded by now. 

"303® Aerospace Protectant™ has become such a part of our sport that the very first thing we do when we get a new kite, or create our own is to completely treat it with 303®. We know that doing this will protect the kite, and make flying it a whole lot easier and more fun!"

Barry Ogletree



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