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Keeping Towed Vehicles Clean

How do I keep my tow vehicle clean? 

It's a common problem that full time or part time RV'ers face - how to keep their tow vehicle clean.

On the road, tow vehicles like cars or boats can become greasy and dirty from emissions from the diesel engine of the motorhome, or from common road grime. Once at their destination, before the owner uses the car or boat, it must be cleaned.

Some RVers try using tow covers.  Tow covers are not only costly, but degrade within 6 months on the open road.

A full-time RVer and user of 303® Products, Mr. Bob Dubree found a solution to this problem. He uses 303® AeroSpace Protectant™ on his tow car to help keep it clean.

303® Aerospace Protectant™ was not specifically designed for paint - Even though 303® Aerospace Protectant™ IS SAFE FOR PAINTED SURFACES. Most painted surfaces have a clear coat of plastic covering the paint, protecting the paint from fading/degradation.  303® is safe and extremely effective on plastics.

303® leaves an invisible 'shield' on the plastic: 303® was engineered so that once applied properly, substances like grease, dust, dirt and smoke would not stick to the treated surface and drops wind drag.

Bob found that if he treated the front of his RV, road grime and bugs would not stick to it! 
Bob also found that if he applied 303® Aerospace Protectant™ regularly to his tow vehicle, it was a breeze to clean at his destination. After over 120,000 miles his vehicle still has not been waxed and looks like new! All he does is sponge the vehicle down with water at his destination. It's that simple.