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What's the best way to keep my shower clean

What's the best way to keep my shower clean? 
(Shower Shield vs. Shower Cleaning Products)  

There are a number of brand name shower cleaning products...ways to clean the shower after it gets scummy.  Lately the hottest shower "cleaning" products are ones you buy by the gallon and which you spray on after every shower...the idea here seems to be to clean the shower every time you use it to keep it from getting scummed up in the first place.  A good idea, but using a lot more product costs you more money and is very time consuming.

A less expensive easier solution is 303® Shower Shield.  Clean your shower one last time then spray on 303® Shower Shield and wipe completely dry.  It only takes a few minutes and here's what you get with 303® Shower Shield that you don't get with other products.

  • Beautifies:
    Leaves a new luster on shower walls, fixtures and doors.
  • Stays Clean:
    303® Shower Shield repels soap film, mineral deposits and mildew.
  • Long Lasting:
    Lasts 6 weeks and longer.

303® Shower Shield is safe and effective for fiberglass, tile, plastic laminates, marble, glass, metal and plastic fixtures.

303® Shower Shield is non-flammable and leaves no harsh odors, just a pleasant lemon scent.

To keep your shower clean and beautiful, choose a product which keeps your shower looking new month after month - not something that you have to apply every time you shower or bathe.

Creative home Arts ClubShower Shield has earned the Creative Home Arts Club Seal of Approval.
Product Test Reports Over a 75%  Approval Rating.  Highly ranked in Ease of Use, Instruction Clarity, and Performance.
Member Comments:
"My shower never looked so good. The scent was fresh and it was easy to use. The shine was overwhelming."
Gloria C. Alpeas
"It did leave my shower walls film-free for weeks and cut down on scrubbing.  I also used it on my countertops in my kitchen, sink basin in bathroom, and faucets. Also had good results on formica, porcelain and chrome."
Bonnie Canfield