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303® Aerospace Protectant™ and Fly Fishing & Orvis

Orvis - "America's Oldest Mail Order Company - Since 1856", is the premier supplier of quality fly fishing equipment and supplies to enthusiasts around the world.

The 303® sales department originally approached Orvis about selling 303® Aerospace Protectant™ for waders...after all, wasn't 303® the most powerful longest-lasting protector for rubber? Orvis had their own ideas. They tested it on fly line and came back with the fact that 303® Aerospace Protectant™ is flat-out, hands-down, no-contest, absolutely-the-best fly line dressing anybody had ever seen. And since 1987 Orvis has sold 303® Aerospace Protectant™ for that, a fly line dressing that among other reasons to use it "...adds 10 to 30 feet to your casts without additional effort..."

This has to do with repellency, penetrating and bonding to a surface in such a way that reduces the drag co-efficient to next to zero. Waterproofs and too incredibly smooth for anything to stick.