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Does 303® replace Wax on Fiberglass?

Does 303® replace Wax on Fiberglass?
Gelcoat fiberglass is polyester resin with the pigment in the resin, commonly used in boats, RV's, snowmobiles, jet ski's, etc.  Gelcoat fiberglass rapidly fades and chalks with traditional maintenance being tedious and repetitive buffing and waxing.

303® Aerospace Protectant™ is an alternative to buffing and waxing.  303® restores like new color and gloss to faded gelcoat fiberglass by spraying on and polishing completely dry.

A new appearance is maintained with periodic spray on/wipe off applications usually every 45-60 days of exposure.  Fiberglass shines.  Colors stay bright.

In addition,  the 303®'d  surface is extremely repellent to water, soiling and staining ... staying cleaner longer and clean up is much easier when soiled.

So for gelcoat fiberglass 303® Aerospace Protectant™ is a superior with respect to ease of use, level of protection, appearance and repellency.