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Wrought Iron Custom Patio Furniture...


O.W. LeeFor over 50 years, O. W. Lee Company, Inc. has made some of the most beautiful, custom made patio furniture you've ever seen. 

This wrought iron and fabric furniture is hand-made at O. W. Lee's facility in Ontario, CA.  Part of the manufacturing process involves "powder coating" the wrought iron, in a wide selection of color options.

Last year, a customer called O.W. Lee about furniture his family had purchased 7 years before.  Gabriel Huerta, Quality Service Manager at O. W. Lee, retrieved a chair and quickly determined the problem: Sun exposure, of course, and an accumulation of calcium built up over 7 years of yard sprinklers and rain.

"There's nothing you can do to bring that back from the dead", everyone who saw it told Gabriel.  But Gabriel went after it anyway, first with "Lime Away". Got rid of the calcium, all right, but the appearance was still dull, lifeless, old.  Gabriel knew about 303® Protectant, but didn't know if his 303® would work on the powder coating as he'd seen it work on rubber, vinyl and other plastics.  But he sprayed it on and, along with everyone else at O.W. Lee, was astounded at the results.  Spray on 303® Aerospace Protectant™ , wipe dry.. And BRAND NEW AGAIN!


Aerospace Protectant Since Gabriel first used `303®' to bring that chair back from the dead, O. W. Lee has started recommending it to their Fine Outdoor Furniture Dealers.
303® Aerospace Protectant™ is recommended to:
  • Keep the finish "looking showroom new" (no fading or dulling).
  • Repel dirt, dust, stains.
  • Prevent mineral deposits.

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For any who are wondering, what we're dealing with in this situation is plastic, specifically: Polyester powder coating.

Outdoor FurnitureThis is yet another example of the quality and performance of this unique product.  There is truly nothing better for plastic than 303®A. Protectant.  As our friends at O.W. Lee discovered.


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