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Banshee Riverboarding

Banshee Riverboards creates an entirely new board sport that doesn't require a boat or gas!

Banshee Riverboards uses 303® Aerospace -
"Our riverboarding bungee systems stretch 200 feet and produce speeds as high as 30 miles per hour without a boat!  303® is essential to maintaining the speed and durability of our bungee systems.  By Soaking our demo bungee systems in 303®, we were able to use the same bungee for demos across the Northwest over multiple riding seasons,"
Kevin Veon - Banshee Riverboards

Banshee Riverboards was founded with the goal of creating an entirely new board sport that doesn't require an expensive boat or gas.  Riverboarding has quickly become the coolest new sport in the United States and recently gained international exposure by winning the prestigious ISPO BrandNew award for the coolest new summer hardware (  After the Outdoor Retailer tradeshow, Banshee was described as "one of the coolest things at the show... these guy have basically combined bungee jumping with skim-boarding." - David Weber, editor.

The bungee systems from Banshee are unlike anything ever seen on the river before.  One end of the bungee system is anchored to any stationary object along the side of the river and you simply use the river current against the bottom of the board to stretch the Bungee System.  Each Bungee will stretch 200 feet!

After riding 200 feet at 30 miles per hour, the board releases from the Bungee System allowing the rider to carve turns and do all kinds of board
tricks: big spins, massive ollies, shuv-it's, and kick flips, just to name a few.  Experienced riders can launch off river features and surf the endless waves created by the river.  And best of all, most of the population of the world lives close to a river.

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Kevin Veon
Banshee Riverboards

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Banshee Riverboarding